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Avoid Fake Jobs and Job Scams in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has in the recent past seen an influx of fake jobs and job scams on the market. Well, this is expected give the fact that the country has more than 2.5 million people from countries around the world who are working as foreign workers or looking for jobs.

There are also many desperate job seekers walking the streets of Dubai who are always desperate to get a job before there Visas expire. Many people travel to Dubai with Visas ranging from a few weeks to to three months and they make it a point to have a job before the end of that period.

Due to such conditions, there has been a rise of job scammers who ask for money from job seekers and later distance from them. Some even post fake jobs on websites and thus get contacts of desperate job seekers. They may even send fake offer letters but again ask for money.

A serious job seeker in Dubai should always be smart to avoid being scammed by following these rules

Any person or company who asks for money in any kind should be avoided. It is even illegal to ask for money form job seekers under the  UAE laws. The money can be asked in form of training fee, placement fee or job offer fee. Never pay your money. However, some legit companies may need to meet their operation costs thus charging a small fee, For example, has been cited by many people for asking money from people to have an account with them

Do not trust a company or person who gives you a job even before applying to them. You may get a call from a person claiming that you have got a job even when you did not send them your CV. May be they got your number or email from some public place and they are using it to trick you. Do not fall for them.

The company does not have a Physical address. Make sure you avoid such companies as much as you can. Do not allow to meet company representatives from a hotel or any other place which is not a company premise. No serious company will request to meet you in a restaurant.

Many fake jobs in Dubai also come with some huge salaries. Yes, scammers know very well that they can entice you with promises of high salaries. This is where we being about the old saying “If its too good to be true, then its a scam”. Many jobs categories have categorized salaries. If you see that the salary is to high for the job, then do not apply.

You will also notice that its a fake job in Dubai when they begin to ask for your financial details like Credit cards. There is no reason why a recruiter should for your Credit Card. Avoid such people.

Double check the url of the recruiting website. Many scammers have set up websites which resemble some legitimate website for jobs in Dubai. So, make sure your double check the url you are checking. There are also some known websites which has been sited in in scam cases.

In the recent years, many scammers for fake jobs in Dubai have been pretending to represent big companies like Emirates, Etihad, Adnoc and government agencies. However, you should be careful unless you are sure its the real company which recruiting, you can get the correct information from the company its self

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