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Baggage Checker

  • Employer:
    Ace Consult
  • Salary:
  • Job type:
  • Posted:
    September 7, 2023
  • Category:
    Unskilled Labour


Baggage Checker vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Industry: Airlines
  • Career: Mid Career
  • Job Location: Dubai
  • Salary: AED 4001-5000
  • Experience: 2 – 5 Years
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Gender: Any
  • Street: Dubai Airport Terminal 3
  • City: Dubai


Baggage handlers are responsible for moving luggage and other items from one place to another. They typically work in airports, but may also be employed by shipping companies or other organizations that regularly handle large amounts of cargo.

Baggage handlers must be able to lift heavy objects repeatedly throughout their shift without getting tired. This requires a great deal of physical strength and stamina. In addition to this, they must have good attention to detail so that they can carefully inspect each piece of luggage before it is loaded onto the plane.

Baggage Handler Job Duties
Baggage handlers have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

Filing reports about any damaged or mishandled baggage for future reference
Loading and unloading cargo onto planes using forklifts or other machinery
Recommending improvements to the baggage handling process to ensure efficiency and safety
Inspecting luggage for damage and labeling it appropriately
Returning lost items to the airline’s lost and found department or other location where they can be picked up by their owners
Loading and unloading bags onto buses, trains, boats, or planes as directed by supervisors
Signing in passengers at the gate or checking IDs at security checkpoints to ensure that all passengers have valid tickets
Loading and unloading cargo from trucks and trailers onto conveyor belts or into warehouses or storage facilities
Storing luggage in lockers or on shelves in a baggage handling facility until it is claimed by its owner BAGGAGE HANDLERS are responsible for moving luggage from one location to another. They may work at airports or bus stations, for instance, where they handle checked bags and carry-ons for passengers who are checking in for flights or who have checked their bags with an airline for transport between cities. When not moving luggage, they might be unpacking

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