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Mistakes Dubai Jobs Applicants Make

Job Applicants always make so many mistakes that cost them Jobs. In most cases these mistakes come because of fear, curiosity and lack of self confidence.
Below are some of the common mistakes applicants make;

Vague answering of the Questions asked. When employers or panelists ask you a question they expect you to give a direct answer for example if someone asks ‘tell me about your self?” he expects you to tell him your education back ground and work experience do not give answers that your employer will not understand because this can cost you a job.

Some Job Applicants do not follow Interview etiquette;
Interview etiquettes are very crucial for job applicants for example coming late on the day of the interview, wrong sitting posture that prompts an employer to think that you are actually bad mannered, taking a seat before they tell you to, chewing while talking and not using courtesy titles. All these mistakes make you look irresponsible so please follow the right order.

Wrong filling of the Application;
The application is the one that sells an applicant to the organization so there should be maximum attention on it. You may give wrong information especially the job title, wrong spellings, wrong order of the application letter. All this shows that you are not eligible for the job because of carelessness
Applicants Not Knowing Information about the company that they have applied for.

When you apply for a job in a specific company, you are required to research about that company in order to know more about. This shows that you know exactly where you are and what you want but if you don’t know an employer will say you can not apply where you don’t know so be equipped in this area to avoid embarrassment.

Forgetting to say thank you;
A word thank you is very important every where but applicants some times forget it.
You application may be rubbished and not take into consideration because this is what they look for.

Forgetting to triple check your resume and curriculum Vitae;
You are supposed to do proof reading before you go ahead to hand them in for a job application, this always ignored as people assume that all that is written is correct you find that you have misspellet the company name and given a wrong job tile and this may cost you a job.

Use of Email addresses that may give a wrong picture about you for example this shows how irresponsible someone is. It is advisable to use your both names as like There is a big difference between these two email addresses one reveals who you are.

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