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Passing an Interview in Dubai (UAE)

No matter how many interviews you may have done, the whole process will still make you nervous.

Here are some ways you can use to pass an interview.

Prepare well
Never go for an interview when you are not prepared. Pass through some common interview questions may be with a friend. This will help you to answer them. Questions like, “Tell us about you? What are you’re your strength? Weaknesses will give you a good start.

Research about the company
Do your research about the company. Make sure you go for the interview when you know something about it. You can research on their website or even ask employees of the company if possible as some of them can be willing to tell you most of the things you will need to know about the company.

Prepare questions to ask interviewers
Most interviewers will ask you if you have anything you want to know. It is better if you prepare some questions you would like to ask them. It could be about the structure of the company, their organization, potential. Do not ask about questions that are answered on their website

Don’t talk bad about your previous employer
Never talk bad about your previous employer. It is an easy way for interviewers to eliminate you there and then.

Know your Curriculum Vitae
Interviewers will ask you questions from your curriculum vitae. It could be about your experiences. Make sure you know what you described about in your curriculum Vitae.

Be early for the Interview.
Make sure you are on time for the interview. Be early as this will help you settle and ready for any questions that you will be asked. Know the time the interview will start and at least be there some time before the interview starts. Make sure you know the directions well to the venue.

Make a good impression
When you fail to make a good first impression, you are minimizing your chances of passing the interview. Dress professionally for the interview. Mind so much about you body langauge.

Be yourself
Don’t tell lies at an interview. Be yourself. If the interviewer finds out you are lying, it will not go on well for you. He will lose all the trust and will end up disqualifying you.

Be Confident
When you go for an interview, the interviewers will look for your confidence. If you are asked any question, answer it with confidence. Don’t start fidgeting around as this will make interviewers lose their patience.

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