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The Most Popular Interview Questions

If you get a chance of being called for an Interview, you should prepare your self for the questions you will be asked. It is always good to equip your self with answers to the most common interview questions if you want to be successful in getting the job of your dream. The questions you should expect include the ones below;

1. Tell us about your Work History

This is one of the most common interview questions. This question is very easy to answer, you just have to talk about former work experiences. You have to mention the companies you have worked for during the employment dates. You have to be careful not to contradict with the dates you put on your resume. You will also be called upon to talk about your past job descriptions, the challenges you met and how you over came them. It is not advisable to speak against your former employers when you are answering this question.

2. Tell us about yourself

This is one of the most important questions you will ever meet in an interview. You do not have to spend a lot of time on this question since you might end up giving irrelevant information. You have to give your brief back ground putting emphasis on your education and qualifications. The interviewer will also be pleased to hear about you skills and personal attributes. You have to let the interviewer realize that you are the best candidate bu mentioning all your positive attributes while answering this question.

3. The company and the Job description.

Here they will have to ask you about the company and the job description that you have applied. What you are willing to do for the company and what plans are you holding for your new job and the company. The Interviewers here are looking to your ability to make the company grow and the role you will be able to play if given a job in helping the company grow.

4. What are your future prospects.

Many employers ask about the future prospects of the interviewee just to know what the interviewee has in mind. They might want to know whether you will really be committed to the company or you just want to use them as your stepping stone. You have to state your career goals and also highlight what you hope to achieve for the company. You should realize that if the interviewer realize that you do not have their company in your future prospects, you will end up not getting the job.

If you want to be successful during an interview, you have to be honest to your self and panel. You will obviously be asked some tricky questions like the amount of money you want to earn. You just need to make sure you know the company salary scale before you go for the interview.

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