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Jobs in UAE (United Arab Emirates) – Complete Guide to Your Dream Job

The United Arab Emirates Is a top destination for Job seeker all over the world. Many of those Job seeker have not been disappointed in their search. However, their re also so many who have not been able to find jobs in UAE. This complete guide will help you find jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,  Sharjah, Ajman and other UAE cities. It will also help you to get a clear picture of the job market in UAE.

Jobs by Websites

Today, there are so many jobs websites for UAE, some of the UAE job portals have been around for many years and some are fairly new. I can also tell you that not all job portals in UAE are good since some of them are used by bad people to set up fake jobs so as to scam unsuspecting job seekers. Below is a good list of website where you can easily get a job in Dubai and UAE as a whole

Kora Jobs Dubai

This is my number one website for jobs in Dubai. I put it number one because I trust it. The jobs are fairly organized into categories and cities which makes navigation easy. A jobseeker can also have a free account where he or she can submit a resume for employers to see. Jobs at Kora Jobs are posted daily which makes it a top website for jobs in Dubai and UAE


Everyone knows Indeed, its job aggregator website which collects jobs from other portals. Its makes the job search easy since you will not have to visit the bulk of job websites in search for a job. Indeed will bring hundreds of jobs to your finger tips in just a click.


This website has been a huge success in the gulf region including UAE, They list jobs across the middle east and they normally have hundreds of jobs. They have been tested by time and have emerged as a real job website.


This is another popular and powerful job search website in the Middle East. They update their website with jobs daily just like Kora Jobs. Bayt also has a strong presence in the Middle East area. They are a reputable website

Well, the list of job websites in UAE is really too long, I cant not mention all of them here but at least I have mentioned the most popular ones.  The job market in Dubai is still growing and many job portals are coming up everyday. Thus, the choice will always be with the job seeker though extra care is needed when using job portals. Some of them do not regulate how jobs are posted on their sites which makes them vunerable to fake job posters



Jobs by Emirate

The United Arab Emirates has seven (7) Emirates which came together to form one country.  There are some slight differences between them and it is easier to get jobs in some Emirates compared to others. Below is a complete guide to the job market in the Emirates which make up UAE


Dubai is not the largest but the most popular and most developed of the 7 emirates. There are lots of jobs in Dubai which makes it the biggest attraction to most of the job seekers. The economy of Dubai is also strong and vibrant which makes way for many jobs in the area. A person looking for Dubai Jobs and Employment in Dubai can have a wide range of Job categories to choose from. There are low skilled jobs which are normally filled up by migrant workers from low developed countries. These include Nanny Jobs, Security Guard Jobs, Receptions, Cleaners, House Keeping Jobs, Loaders and many others.

The city of Dubai also has high end jobs which are normally filled up by expatriates from western countries, many of those jobs fall under the management category.  The presence of beaches, hotels, Technology companies and bustling business in Dubai has led to availability of jobs in the emirate. However, since many job seekers concentrate on Dubai, the competition for jobs in the area is so high compared to other areas. The Dubai government also has a Job Portal Dubai

Abu Dhabi

This is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Its also the largest emirate. Abu Dhabi is second to Dubai in the job marker competition in the UAE. Since it’s the seat of the UAE government, many government jobs in UAE can be found in the city.  However, many government jobs are normally availably mainly for the natives

That said, Abu Dhabi has many jobs in other vibrant sectors just like Dubai, It also has large malls which employ many people from different country. Jobs in Abu Dhabi can be found in all categories from low skilled workers to highly skilled workers.


Sharjah is the third largest of the Emirates of UAE and it is very close to Dubai. The emirate has so many jobs due to its high population and location. Sharjah has a number of free trade zones, malls, an airport  and a booming private sector which makes it a good place for a any job seekers. There are also many domestic worker jobs in Sharjah even though there are also town like Kalba, Dibba Al-Hisn and Khor Fakkan in the Emirate which also have a number of jobs to offer.

Many foreign workers have found a home in Sharjah


This is the smallest of all the Emirates which make up UAE. The population of Ajman is more than 90% in the urban area which has opened up a number of job in Ajman. Ajman is also located in a strategic area which makes it accessible from most of the Emirates. Actually, the city of Ajman is connected to the City of Sharjah and only 10 minutes away from Dubai.

Ajman has many jobs in all categories. It should not be a hard task finding a job in Ajman. Most jobs in Ajman can be found in manufacturing; construction; wholesale and retail. It is also easy to get real estate jobs and business services jobs and transport jobs and others in the storage and communications sector

Ras al-Khaimah

This Emirate is located in the northern part of UAE. Since it does not have oil deposits, the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah largely depend on the Industrial sector for development. This has opened the door for job seekers who are looking for jobs in Industries. The Emirate also has a booming real estate business, commercial building and offices

It also has many hotels and resorts, some of the popular hotels include Hilton, Rotana, Banyan and others. This has also opened jobs in Ras al-Khaimah opportunities for people to work in Hospitality industry.

Ras al-Khaimah also has some agriculture jobs far more than other places of UAE. The government for this Emirate also has a Job Portal

Umm al-Quwain

This is the least populated Emirate of UAE. That means that even Jobs in Umm al-Quwain may not be so many like jobs in other more populated areas on UAE. It is also has a strict Muslim culture. That said, there are lots of jobs for Domestic workers in Umm al-Quwain which include Nanny Jobs and Cleaners. Umm al-Quwain also has some level of Tourism which makes available some jobs in the tourism sector


Fujairah is one of the 7 emirates of UAE but severely neglected by foreign workers. The area is hugely mountainous and most jobs have in the past been in the service sector which made it had for foreign worker. However, the change in policies has caused a recent economic boom in the area thus attracting a number of workers. There are now many jobs in Fujairah in the construction industry, one can also easily find mining jobs in Fujairah. The emirate has also set up a free trade zone which has lead to the liberalization of the job market.

Jobs by Nationality

The United Arab Emirates has so many jobs, however, some nationalities have an upper hand in the job market. Jobs in Police and Army are mainly for the natives and people from nearby countries like Oman.  People from Philippines, India, Nepal also have high chances of getting jobs in UAE. By the way, India makes up a huge chuck of the population in UAE.

People from African countries like Uganda Jobs, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many others are also increasing in number and its easy to find them working in the Malls, Restaurants and some high places of UAE.  There are also many people from the Muslim countries of Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt . Its also important to know that people from GCC countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia can freely move and work in UAE

The United States of America and United Kingdom make up the bulk of the labor force from the western world.

Jobs by Cities

The UAE has a number of Cities where you can find jobs, the biggest is Dubai and most Jobs are concentrated there, the second largest is Abu Dhabi. Others cities where you can easily find jobs in UAE are Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Jebel Ali, Hatta, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Khorfakkan, Dibba, Kalba,  Al Gharbia and many others

The Common Jobs

UAE has all job categories, however, not all jobs in UAE are easy to get. The most common jobs in UAE which are also readily available include, Cashier Jobs, Driver Jobs (for Taxis, Light and Heavy car Drivers), Receptionist jobs, Customer Care, Security Guards, Waiters and Waitress, Cleaner Jobs, House Keeping Jobs, Nanny Jobs, Accounting, Clerlical, Admin Jobs, Sales, Marketing and Domestic worker jobs

Safety Tips

When looking for a job in UAE, you should really be careful. Many Job seekers provide their personal information like emails and phone numbers in public places like facebook or forums which are latter harvested by conmen. You may end up getting a phone call where you are promised a job only to be cheated. If you are to meet a person for a job, make sure it’s a public place and if possible make a background search about the company.

You should never pay money to have a job in UAE. It is even illegal. If some company ask you for money to get you a job, just think twice and even abandon the idea. A serious company will never ask you for money to get a job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even any other area in UAE.


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